Accepting Your Present..........

No this does not mean to settle!!! This means to sit with yourself and figure out who you truly are in this moment. Often we get so busy with life we remember who we used to be, but have No Clue who we are in the present! Learn about you Be-You-tiful, because the women you have become has some amazing strengths!

  1. What are 5 strengths that I currently have?

  2. How do I self-care?

  3. If I don't self care what can I start TODAY for me! ( It does not have to be something big..... it could be as small as taking 10 minutes out of my day to do something that makes ME smile! Read, drink a cup of tea, journal, walk...WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY!

  4. What is 1 thing that I have control over that I could change about my present situation.

  5. What is stopping me form moving forward? (Ex: Fear, lack of training, enough time in my day, lack of support, money etc. These are all EXCUSES that are holding you back but please take the time to jot them down.)


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