Getting Me Back But Who the Hell is She?

Getting Me Back.....But who the Hell is she? A journey in forgiving your past, accepting your present, and creating your future.

Hi there Be-You-tiful! Have you been asking the question....where did the old me go? Have you been feeling like something is just lacking in your life, no matter how successful you are, and how great your family is you still feel as though a piece of you is missing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! As women and providers we struggle with boundaries, taking time for ourselves, and most importantly many of us struggle to even admit the OUR NEEDS MATTER! I am on a journey to empower women to set boundaries, learn to love all of themselves, and to assist them to find and step into their purpose. I want you to know that it is ok to BE YOU!!

Below are some journal prompts to begin you on your journey of self love and boundary setting.

Thank you for Bee-lieving in me as much as I BEE-lieve in you! Now get your Journal Sis!

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